About Us

Titan Cut L.L.C. is a completely USA company which specializes in designing, creating and producing laser-cut panels. We are a fast growing company and we constantly work on developing, improving and broadening our range of products. Every phase of our production – creating, designing and laser cutting, is completely conducted in the USA. We use only high-quality materials which, with our high-end machines, guarantee strong, lasting and classy laser-cut panels.

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Titan Cut L.L.C. treats every project equally important. Whether you need a simple laser-cut panel or custom-designed privacy panel we will dedicate our time to listen to your needs, to give you professional advice and to deliver the perfect product which is both functional and decorative. A team of young, energetic and creative people always puts the customers and their needs first. Although young as a team, each member of Titan Cut L.L.C. is experienced and with many successful projects behind them.

Our in house designers and engineers always make sure to bring new ideas and options to clients without compromising quality.

Our collection consists of large number of different designs, patterns, styles and materials which can be applied in almost every surrounding – private homes, restaurants, hotels, shops, small or big companies. If that is not enough Titan Cut L.L.C. experts will custom design panel according to your needs and specifications. With Titan Cut L.L.C. your options are unlimited.

We are excited to hear from you, so for any further information feel free to contact us at sales@titancut.com.