Modern life style comes with the noise and lack of privacy. Whether you live in a small apartment with a terrace or in a house with a yard outdoor panels will turn your space into real small oasis. You can use them to make your space more beautiful, to highlight specific details, to protect yourselves from the sun, to divide your space, and you can also combine them with plants and flowers and give them life. The possibilities are endless.

Outdoor panels can be made of various materials and they can adjust to any space depending on the size, shape and purpose.

Some of the benefits of the outdoor panels:

• Provides privacy from the neighbors and passers-by, and also within your outdoor space you can make a separate area for resting or for children to play,
• Provides protection from the sun and noise,
• Gives the space your personal touch.

We in Titan Cut have a large number of already prepared designs, which will fulfill all your wishes and needs. You are also free to suggest your own ideas, we will gladly meet your needs and make a custom outdoor panel.

Contact us at sales@titancut.com and we will together pick the right solution for your space.

  1. Types and Use of Exterior Laser Cut Panels

    Depending on what your needs are you can choose living or non-living exterior panels.

    Living exterior panels include different types of plants, such as grass, bamboo, hedge or even trees. You can plant and shape them, watch them grow and in the end enjoy your beautiful new view. You can use them as shelters, borders between your garden, yard or balcony and other areas, to block the view and also to highlight your favorite spot.

    Non-living exterior panels are fences and free-standing fence sections, trellis and lattice work. Depending on which one you choose they can cover landscapes, large outdoor space or specific areas while making a great decoration.

  2. How to Select the Exterior Panel That Is Right For You

    When you decide to buy exterior panel you must consider a few very important things. First of all decide why you need a panel – to reduce noise, to provide privacy, to make a sheltered area, etc, and where you need it. After that you should determine the size of the panel, first of all the height. In the end you should choose a design and material. Options for a design are numerous. You can choose different themes and colors whether you want to combine them with the already existing objects in your area, or you want something unique. Share with us your ideas and Titan will bring them to life.

    When it comes to materials panels can be made of almost any material, but it is very important to bear in mind that not all materials are appropriate for all types of weather. If the panel will be put in a place that is protected from changing weather conditions, then the possibilities to choose from are larger. On the other hand, if the panel won’t be protected from the sun or rain then they should be made of materials that can resist different weather conditions.

    Titan Cut is based in Davenport, Illinois and our outdoor panels are exclusively made in the USA. Our team is young, yet experienced and very creative which means certainty that all of our customers will get only the best service and products.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are ready to help you with our expert advice.