Corten Steel is a high strength weathering steel which forms a stable, attractive rust-like appearance when exposed to weather. The panels are suitable mostly for outdoor use with a variety of applications.

Unlike most metals, Corten or weathering steel is designed to form a rust patina when exposed to the weather elements. A layer of rust forms on the outer surface and acts as a protective coating. The color and extent of the rust effect depends on the elements it is exposed to, and will vary from panel to panel.

Concrete, stone and unglazed brick may suffer from oxide staining when in contact with weathering steel. Connections to dissimilar materials, such as zinc or cadmium plated bolts, should be avoided.

Maximum panel size: 55″ x 95″
Thickness: 14 GA (.075”) to 12 GA (.105″) – other thickness on request
Finish: Rustic