Privacy panels (screens), as the name says it, are mainly used to secure extra privacy in homes, but also in restaurants, hotels and other places with lots of people. Whether you want to cover certain areas of your home, or you want to protect VIP guests in your restaurant or hotel, Titan Cut L.L.C. will make a privacy panel to match all your needs. These panels not only secure and protect, but they also create a beautiful ambiance for you and your family or your guests. They can be made from a range of materials so they suit any kind of environment without ruining its functionality.

  1. Portable Privacy Panels

    For people who move a lot or who rent their places it is hard to make permanent changes such as installing a static privacy panel. Titan Cut L.L.C. has a solution for them also – portable privacy panels. These panels don’t need special preparation or drilling, you just place where you need them. They are convenient also because you can easily transport them and store them wherever you want. Just like conventional privacy panels, portable ones can be made of a range of materials, but mostly of steel and aluminum.

  2. Decorative Privacy Panels

    While all the privacy panels are in some way decorative their main purpose – to provide privacy, can sometimes be a limiting factor for decoration. If you don’t need to fully block the view or fully reduce noise then you can choose a more decorative privacy panel, give it your personal touch, and still use it as a protection, to limit the noise or view of other people.

    Decorative options with these types of panels are limitless. Titan Cut L.L.C. has a technology that can make almost every idea and design a reality. Contact us and we will help you choose the right type, size, material and design of a panel.