Having a lot or a yard is really a blessing especially for people who work a lot and need a place to relax. But in order to do so these areas need to be noise free and to provide privacy. Titan Cut L.L.C. produces variety of garden panels (screens) with limitless design options and purposes.

Mostly, garden panels are made of 316 stainless steel, corten steel and higher level powder coated regular steel and aluminum. These metals are a perfect choice for an outdoor laser cut screen as they are easily cut into and yet strong enough for all types of weather. Titan Cut L.L.C. uses materials that need minimum maintenance over time.

Installation is easy, you can choose whether to set it into the ground, attach it to a wall or to have a portable one.

These metal laser cut screens can be used in numerous ways. You can use them just as a decoration or to provide privacy and protection. They can serve as a gate, or a barrier so you can make a small garden room or a play area. They can also serve as a privacy protection for living areas or swimming pools.
Titan Cut L.L.C. offers laser cut screens with the addition of lighting effects so they can point out the area they are in, or provide a romantic setting.