A room divider is a piece of furniture or panel used to divide any space into separate distinct areas. Room dividers can be used in numerous ways and can have multiple functions. It can be used as storage, for decoration, as a visual separation of one area, for privacy protection, but above all it saves space and gives the area style and distinctiveness.

  1. Usage

    Titan Cut L.L.C. is specialized in producing dividers that are suitable for all space types. Most commonly they are used in residential areas – living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and they are even safe to use in children’s rooms. Also, offices can benefit from room dividers as they can be used to turn a large space into smaller, quieter and more private units. Room dividers are suitable for hotels and restaurants as well. They can be used to give more sophisticated look to large areas, or to adjust an area, such as banquet hall, to different events and groups of people. Some room dividers are non-transparent so they can be used to form a completely private area, such as changing room, wherever it is needed.

  2. Materials and Types

    Room dividers can be made essentially of steel and aluminum. Room dividers can be either fixed or portable. Fixed dividers can have sliding parts, or they can be fixed to a wall or completely cover the area from ceiling to floor. Portable dividers are usually on wheels so they can be moved around easily, or they have folded wall panels so they can be stored when not used.

  3. How to Select

    Since a room divider is a part of furniture and it most certainly will be the most visible part of it you shouldn’t rush into choosing and buying one. Room divider can completely change the look of your space and enhance the beauty of it, so before buying a room divider you should consider a few important things. First of all decide why you need a divider – do you need it as a decoration, privacy panel or something else. You should then decide whether you want a fixed or portable divider and then of course dimensions of the area and/or walls, ceilings and floors if you want to fix it. If you are unsure about any of these things feel free to contact Titan Cut at sales@titancut.com and we will answer all of your questions and help you through the process.