Laser-Cut Panels – Unique, Strong and Elegant

Looking for something unique that combines the rugged strength of steel but still has an elegance to fit into a gallery? Laser-cut metal panels can give you what you are looking for. Whether it is the strength of steel or the lighter weight aluminum panel, a laser cut panel can be a unique piece of art in any room.

Brown and White Snakewood Pattern Panel on a Wall Above Bed in Grey/Light Brown Bedroom

Snakewood Pattern Wall Panel

Titan Cut uses lasers to cut detailed images in your choice of metal. Depending on the metal you choose, next you choose your color or finish that suites your decorative needs.  The last decision to make is whether you want lighting built in or just use the natural reflective surface of the frosted plexiglass. And that’s it! Once you have made all your choices you will have your very own laser cut panel. Your personalized panel with the help of Titan Cut fits your own artistic flare and your personal or public space.

Black Metal Laser Cut Wall Panel With New York Pattern in a Resting Area

New York Wall Panel Black Powder Coat


But What Exactly Is A Laser Cut Panel?

Laser Cut Panels are different patterns and designs cut into a piece of chosen material. Our panels can be made in a range of materials: aluminum, stainless and mild steel, corten, etc. They can be used in numerous ways and for numerous purposes:

• As wall decoration instead of pictures and paintings. Add a background light and it can be used as an outdoor illuminated advertising
• As room dividers to separate any space into distinct areas
• For outdoor and indoor privacy or to hide some areas, such as toilette entrance in the restaurants, etc.

All laser cut panels can be used in luxury hotels, restaurants, offices, apartments and houses. Depending on a design and materials they can adjust to any area.

If you already have some ideas on your  mind, or you just  need more information, send us an email at sales@titancut.com and we’ll help you develop your ideas and transform them into a masterpiece.

Close Look of Laser Cut Screen Cutouts

Laser Cut Screen Cutouts