Decorative wall is usually the most noticeable part of a room, it adds to its attractiveness and represents the owner’s style and personality.

Decorating a wall in your house or office could be much more innovative and creative than just hanging photographs or paintings. Think about what you want to achieve with your decorative wall. Do you want it just as a decoration, or you need it to be more practical? If you’re unsure, feel free to contact us and we will together come up with a solution that is best for your needs.

The so-called decorative walls give you an opportunity to express yourself almost any way you like. Design options are numerous, so think big and make your own piece of art. Choose and mix your favorite colors, patterns and materials. Imagine that you have a piece of a forest or a big sea wave in your room. That is possible with murals or photo wallpapers, which, for sure, will give any space a completely new dimension.

Adding back light is one more way to make your room outstanding, creating an atmosphere you would like – dimmed lights for romantic atmosphere or bright for parties or any type of celebration. Installing back lights on your decorative wall will enable you to save energy and eventually your money.

Decorative walls can be used in almost any room or space for multiple purposes. We will give suggestions for just a few of them, but don’t limit yourself. Let us know your ideas and we will do our best to realize them.


  1. Internal Use

    First of all decorative walls can be used in houses and apartments. They can separate two or more areas, such as kitchen and dining room, or they can be used to divide children’s room into two independent ones.

    Decorative walls are the easiest way to give your office a more sophisticated, elegant and expensive look, without actually spending a lot of money. You can play with colors and patterns, combining them with the furniture and other elements in the room. Our decorative walls can be used as a barrier between employees, providing them with privacy, instead of lifeless cubicles.

    Objects that provide services, such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, pubs, etc. can benefit greatly from using Titan Cut L.L.C. decorative walls. Our walls will not just serve as a decoration, but can divide one big area into a few smaller ones, allowing each one of them to be completely independent, thus giving your customers a feeling of comfort, relaxation and enjoyment. They can also be used to elegantly hide some parts of the space that are not representative or are not for customers.

  2. External Use

    Titan Cut L.L.C. walls are not strictly limited to internal use, but can also be used outside, in gardens or balconies. These walls are made of materials that can endure weather changes, so you can put them wherever you want. Before choosing a decorative wall for outside purposes make sure to consult us, as we will give you a professional advice on which material is the best for your needs and how to take care of it so it lasts longer.

    Materials we use for producing decorative walls are usually aluminum, stainless and corten steel. If you want to place your wall outside then some specific materials and finishes must be used. For the best outcome contact Titan Cut team..

  3. Creativity and Quality First

    Besides what’s already been said, there are numerous possibilities to decorate your wall. You can use one pattern or a combination of patterns and designs, add some stickers, paintings, even shelves, clocks and mirrors. And on top of it you can add a back light to make it a true piece of art and something to admire.

    In a word your decorative wall can be whatever you want it to be. Let your imagination run wild. Think of what you want to achieve with it, do you want it to represent your life, your hobbies, memories, or you want it to be more artistic, stylish… Feel free to combine colors, patterns, materials. And contact us at sales@titancut.com for the final review and suggestions. Or, if you’re unsure about what would work for you, our team of professional designers will analyze your needs and preferences and come up with a unique, high-quality decorative wall perfect just for you.