Throughout history, as technology advances so do techniques and styles of art.  With the use of dies we got cave painting, the use of tools brought us carvings out of stone and wood etc. etc.  Bringing us to modern time the laser is another piece of technology that is being used for many purposes and like many other things it is being used by artists as well.  

Laser Cut Routing

Artist’s Sketch for Laser Cutting

High intensity laser beams are used to etch and cut through all kinds of material at a very high speed with the accuracy of a computer.  Laser cut panels from Titan Cut LLC are just such a product.  We take a pattern or design that has been created by an artist, rewrite the image into a computer program.  The computer tells the laser exactly where to cut, creating a long lasting image made out of metal.  The panel is then cleaned up and whichever finish is applied to make it a unique piece of art just for you.


Laser Cutting Technology at Work 1


Laser Cutting Technology at Work 2