26Sep 2016

Fall into 30% off Fall themed panels on Sale now at Titan Cut.  These specially chosen themes make us think fall and to celebrate one of the most beautiful seasons of the year we have place them on a 30% off sale for a limited time.  So get into the season and enjoy your art from Titan Cut this fall.

17Jul 2016

Throughout history, as technology advances so do techniques and styles of art.  With the use of dies we got cave painting, the use of tools brought us carvings out of stone and wood etc. etc.  Bringing us to modern time the laser is another piece of technology that is being used for many purposes and like many other things it is being used by artists as well.   High intensity laser beams are used to […]

10Jul 2016
laser cut panel fireworks wall decor

Check out the selection of panels we have put on sale just for summer.  These summer themed panels will liven up any room or decor in or out of your house.  These sale prices are HOT and will only be for a limited time so make your selection now.   Choose from beach themes like the Dolphin or Jellyfish panel, Fireworks, or the Dragonfly Lotus panel.

21Jun 2016

Corten steel is a commonly used steel that will rust over time when exposed to the weather. Usually rust on your items is a bad thing, however, it has been and is being used more and more as a decorative option. The rusty appearance gives a great rustic or outdoorsy feel. The natural tones of the rust can give any picture a completely unique look due to the natural randomness of the steel rusting. The […]

24Apr 2016
Decorative-Wall-Panel-Sale-Corten-Powder Coating-Laser-Cut-Panel-Decorative-Wall-Art

Check out our selection of standard panels on sale now for spring.  We have selected several spring themed panels and cut their prices just for you. Check them out now, these prices will not last into summer.  Selected panels 30% off until June 15th. If you want to learn more about laser cut panels visit here.