Beautiful inside, not so beautiful outside

Your house is beautiful, inside and outside. You even matched the colors and design with the environment and everything looks harmonious and elegant. The only thing that violates this harmony is the air-conditioners that hang on the facade and you just do not know how to incorporate them into the whole.

The AC you bought is a perfect for your interior. Beside the fact it cools you or warms you whenever you need it, you chose it so it complements the room with its design and color. You also took care that the installation doesn’t leave visible marks. However, when you go out and look at the wall on which the outdoor unit of the air conditioner is located, the impression is not very pleasant to the eye. But you didn’t have much choice. A large metal box sticks out of your beautiful façade, which is no longer so beautiful due to the hoses, cables and the unit itself. Furthermore, if there are more devices on the building, from different manufacturers, and therefore different shapes and sizes, set up without any order, the outer appearance of the building is permanently disrupted and gives a bad first impression of the people who live there.


Laser-cut panels as AC covers

What ideas did you come up with to solve this problem? Not to install air conditioners at all? Yes, but then you would not feel comfortable in the apartment. To paint them? They will still be visible and look like boxes, and paint is quickly damaged and fading. Install them in the facade? Impractical, and almost unfeasible. The only thing left is to cover them, i.e. camouflage with something that can fit into the surrounding design, but also that is durable and functional.

This means that plastics and wood, are not desirable as materials, as the effects of environmental conditions and disturbances would quickly destroy them. That is why metal laser-cut covers are the most optimal solution. They can completely hide the external unit, the hoses, and the cables that go with it. Not only will it hide them, but also enhance the facade, as there is a wide choice of patterns and colors for these metal panels. For example, your house is located next to the park, in a quiet area, full of trees and flowers. Imagine that on the facade, instead of impersonal air-conditioner boxes, you have stylized panels with leaves that seem to have just flown from the surrounding trees. For more devices on one wall, combine patterns and create your artwork, which everyone will see. Choose complementary patterns, e.g. leaves and flowers. Or select the same-pattern covers for all devices individually or, even better, put all devices under one cover, vertically. This way you will get a unified and elegant facade.





Beautiful design that doesn’t endanger functionality

The main thing that must be considered here is to ensure that the functionality of the device itself is not affected. For that purpose, patterns which don’t completely close the box, and which provide uninterrupted flow of air through the device are used. Therefore, it is very important that engineers with experience in thermal analysis/simulations work on the design of these covers as well. Check out the patterns our engineers have approved Gallery and contact us for suggestions on how to decorate your facade sales@titancut.com.



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