Balustrades and Staircases

Balustrades and Staircases

Sitting on your balcony, in your favorite comfy cloths, drinking your favorite drink and enjoying the view, but hidden from the prying eyes of others. Next to you your child is playing with a dog, and you are carefree because you know that they are protected and can’t climb or squeeze through the railing. How does this sound? Laser cut balusters and staircases, thanks to numerous small cutouts per pattern or design, provide extra safety for all.

Advantages of laser-cut metal panels

The most common options for balusters, so far, are either:

-wood –

– concrete – require maintenance, depending on weather conditions they can be damaged, so they must often be repaired and painted, or

– metal – with large gaps between the bars and pretty much transparent.

When you sit on your terrace, it’s important for you to enjoy the view, but you do not want to be exposed to the eyes of passers-by. Also, you don’t want to isolate yourself behind a concrete wall. These metal panels provide the right amount of privacy, depending on the pattern you choose. It can be small or large petals, animal, geometric, abstract, even some details, a story from your life, or, why not, the emblem of your family.

Children and animals beside the fence are always a challenge. Each opening is an opportunity for them to try to get through, or to throw something through the fence. Laser-cut metal balustrades are thin enough that they can’t climb them, and for additional protection, glass or plexiglass can be placed on the inside.

Materials and maintenance

In addition to functionality, one should not forget the appearance, so that the overall look of the house would be integrated into one whole. The facade of the house we live in is our identity card, the first thing everyone sees and which reveals a lot about us. Details on the facade, such as balusters, can make an artwork from an ordinary, uniform facade. And they don’t require a lot of maintenance. Titan Cut works with materials that are resistant to different weather conditions for a long period of time: stainless steel, aluminum, corten steel (rusty finished steel) and mild steel. For aluminum and mild steel we use the same TGIC primer used by the world’s largest manufacturers of construction and agricultural equipment. After that it’s coated with paint ie. powdercoated. Stainless steel is already protected by itself, and corten steel is delivered rusty and there is no need to maintain it, special coating can be applied to slow down the corrosion but is not necessary since it has such a slow corrosion rate once rusted.

And finally, bring the Christmas spirit into every day by adding the backlight to the balustrades. Let each day be a holiday, at least for your eyes.


All this can be applied to the interior staircases. Since the possibilities are infinite, we can play with various forms. Panels can be arched, concave or convex, or a combination of two waves. Also, the panels can be integrated into the curvatured stairs.

Create the balcony and stairs of your dreams. Make it as unique as you are with specially designed laser cut panels with the design of your choice.  Choose what color and pattern to make your house or building stand out from the rest.  Titan Cut Engineers can help design your unique ideas to work in most any situation.


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